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The information available on the Paradigm Physician Partners (P3) website is developing as the organization expands through hospital partnerships and acquisitions. You can expect further changes as new information becomes available to the public. Please contact Geoff Teed, Founding Partner and CEO, at 203-520-9471 with specific inquiries.

The P3 Model

Paradigm Physician Partners (P3) acquires and manages hospitals under public-private partnership agreements with nonprofit organizations and local governments. P3 brings capital, operational expertise, accountability, and a new strategic direction for each hospital it partners with. P3 allows non-profit and public hospitals to remain an asset of the community while bridging the gap between public needs and private capital without compromising mission or margin.

P3 transforms each partner hospital to create sustainable organizations and implement a new leadership model with 21st century governing principles informed and guided by the six “Aims of Improvement” described in the Institute of Medicine’s 2001 report; Crossing The Quality Chasm – Health care should be: Safe, Effective, Timely, Patient-centered, Efficient, and Equitable.

The P3 model of relentlessly pursuing perfect patient care is achieved by setting and pursuing theoretical limit goals that are patient-centered, profitable and best-known evidence based.  The P3 model is specifically designed to improve the quality of care delivered and reduce the variability of care with a theoretical goal of perfect patient care every time.

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